Greeting Card Mailed May 1910
It is difficult to argue the role a mother has in a family, and in 1914 President Wilson declared an official national holiday to honor our mothers. A national holiday to honor Mother’s for Peace was advocated by women’s peace groups. Therefore, in light of upcoming Mother's Day on Sunday, May 12th, reflect on this rich history that the day has with it!

Although President Wilson made it a national holiday in 1914, similar celebrations had been held since just after the civil war (The Henry Ford, 2012). The video below talks about Anna Jarvis, from West Virginia, who is credited with making it an official holiday. Jarvis was inspired by the community work that her mother, Anne Reeves Jarvis, did during her life. In 1908, on the second anniversary of her mother's death, Jarvis announced her wish to create a day honoring mothers.

Below is a May 11, 2008 video, “Anna Jarvis and the history of Mother’s Day”

Hallmark Card Mailed May 1921
A classic Seinfeld episode has postal carrier Newman declaring that Mother’s Day is the “mother of all mail days.” (Season 7 Episode 21) This is a remark to the large number of greeting cards mailed for Mother’s Day. Hallmark says it sells over 140 million cards for the holiday. They began making Mother’s Day cards in the 1920’s, so the card to the left is likely to be one of their first!

The day holds many traditional values for society through the years. Mother’s Day is coming soon, so remember to appreciate the importance of our mothers! 



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